Our Community is Fair, Sept. 16th, 2007

The Flying Beetle makes an appearance along with the VAL Van &

the BUMPER Truck from Eighteen Lumber Company

Art Like a Virus - Spreading Good Will

 Growing Imagination

57 Videos in 10 months  Bicycle!

The Great Cow Harbor Run


 DOJORO - (1962 EBHS retired teacher)

NEWS 12- PIPE DREAMS 8/1/05 - 8/7/05

PIPE DREAMS  EB Cable TV-IBG Creative Services, 6/21/05 

 Sentinel, Oct. 28th, '05

American Harvest

American Harvest bottle murals

 The Cake - Magnificos

East Brunswick Flag- Mid State Pools


The Long Ocean Mural

Flying Fish  Dutch Rd. East Brunswick, NJ

by Little Bobby Duncan

PHOTOS the long wall, (fishbricks)

This summer of 2006 the YMHA painted over the whole stretch of murals done by artists and children over several years. They threatened  two years ago, (2004) and the Home News sent a reporter down and there was much hemming and hawing and scuffling and they held off till this summer when the sight of the work proved to be too much for them.

Take a look at what they got rid of!

On the other side of the wall is a swim club welcoming busloads of children each summer. Our original (unwritten) agreement was use of the wall until that time it was torn down. So it came as a surprise to get a call that the whole span was to be painted over in three days time. We asked, "the fish bricks? " the director said "What fish bricks? Is anybody awake! Evidently not.

Home News Story

The Fish Brick - The Alchemy of Art

BUMPER - The Road show

HUBCAPS - East Brunswick children were involved in this.

 EBHS Nose Pipe

VAC Show- 2004

 Visual Arts League projects took no money from the township and gave value in an innovative and fun way.


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