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How to Participate in the 
Visual Art League's

You are invited to participate by creating and sending us your very own "art" to float on the page, along with all the others.  The graphic you send us will also be included, along with your name, on our Contributing Artists page.  

The effect of "floating" is made possible by the use of a java-script created by Virtual Max.  We are not sure at this time just how many objects the script can handle before we experience any overlapping effects, but we plan on trying to find out...  with your help!

If you wish to participate in our project, please  follow these  instructions.

  1. Create an image or object to "float".  Preferably a transparent gif, but a small jpeg would also be okay.  Please try to keep all graphics to a reasonable dimension (no more than 100 x 100 pixels at the most, but smaller is better).  If you do not know how to make an image transparent, then create your object on a solid background of a different color than the object, and we will make it transparent for you.  Use the highest compression or least color palette possible to keep the file sizes small.  (If you are not sure how to do this, we can reduce the file size for you also.)
  2. Name your graphic file with your name, so we can keep track of things more easily.  For example, if your name were Jane Smith, name your graphic file "jane_smith.gif" , or "j_smith.gif ".  If you send more than one file, then add a number after your name. Example: "jane_smith1.gif", "jane_smith2.gif", etc.
  3. Email (subject: Floating art) your graphic as an attachment, along with your name and where you are from.  If you have a website you wish to be linked to, please send the URL for that too. A link to your site will be created from your name on the Contributing Artists page. Email to: valweb@valweb.org

Visual Art League reserves the right to reject any submitted artwork that could be deemed as offensive to a general audience. We also reserve the right to resize or edit submitted graphics for the sole purpose of compatibility for use on the Floating Art page.  Submitted files will not be returned and will become the possession of the Visual Arts League for the sole purpose of display on it's website.  Visual Arts League will not be held responsible for third party plagiarism of any art work it displays within the realm of its website.

That's all there is to it!

Please join in the fun and send us your "floating art".  As we said, we don't know how far we can go with this, but we'd like to find out!  Remember... there is no gravity here so ANYTHING can float, so long as it isn't offensive.  

Use your imagination and let it fly!

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