This page is continually under construction. Many large projects / events are still not written in yet.

We are carving history together, thinking globally, working locally. Creating history on a low budget with who and what is all around us!

What is coming together here, like the pieces of a puzzle, are the cumulative efforts of thousands of people over a ten / twelve year period. Years ago the newspapers used to publish those connect the dot drawings, which we still see in some places. For children who grew up with the dots in their head, filling in and slowly materializing, carving history over time with many people is raising play to an art form, requiring patience, vision, imagination and a great leap of faith.

J. Wray  President & Founder of VAL

99 Bottles-UMDNJ- 2006

on YouTube

East Brunswick Cable TV-

Jillian Angeline Reporting


on YouTube

East Brunswick Cable TV

at IBG Creative Services

NEWS 12 - Pipe Dreams 2005

at Somerset Art Association

on YouTube


Resuscitating old VHS tapes of early shows

To Touch, To Feel

Marcie Wexler Reporting for Newsline 6

April 1993

Resuscitating old VHS tapes of early shows

Connections, 1992

UMD 500 News, JC Sarpong, Sun., February 28, 1999

Spotlight on UMD 500 Wed., March 10, 1999

The Hub With Magnetic Connections, Quietude Sculpture Garden, Fern Rd. East Bruns. Aug., 1999

Dian Sirkin / Digital Show / UMDNJ, "Statue of Liberty", May 25th, 2001

3 Americas, Home News / Tribune, Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Flag / Bob Rakita, East Brunswick, NJ. Home News Tribune "On The Go", Nov. 2001

Flag / Bob Rakita, East Brunswick, NJ. Home News Tribune, Nov. 2001

Bob Rakita, Home News Tribune, Nov. 2001, Nov. 2001

3 Americas / Susan Holland / Kennedy Library, Piscataway, NJ March-May 2002

Ocean Show / Swim Club,YMHA, East Brunswick, NJ Sentinel, Sept 26., 2002

Genfi Kwaku / Sentinel, 2002

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Teenscene - PipeDreams at the East Brunswick Municipal Building,  June 13, 2002

VOX-Wray-Art, 2002

Home News / Tribune, Judy Wray, Jan 1, 2003

(next page) Home News / Tribune, Judy Wray Jan 2 , 2003

Eli Holzman, Home News / Tribune, Jan. 16., 2003


New Zealand Jan. 2003

New Zealand, Jan. 19, 2003

Christchurch, New Zealand, 2003

New Zealand, Jan 2003

New Zealand,  Jan 22, 2003

 The Allenvale Sculpture rode in the Mummers Day Parade in Philadelphia, PA January 1st, 2004

The Allenvale Sculpture visits Marlboro Middle School, Marlboro, NJ Sept 11th & 12th 2003

The Allenvale Sculpture goes to UMDNJ, January 10th, 2004

EBTV - Pipe Dreams at IBG Creative Services

NEWS 12 - Pipe Dreams at SAA

Sentinel, October 28th, '05 Pipe Line & Community Story



News European Art Masters, April-May, 2003

The Art Portals, May 2nd-12th, 2003


Local-Duncan / Jamesburg Mural, 2003

Local-Mayor / VAL Arts Projects in East Brunswick Township

Susan Zeller, ZELLERWORKS, July 6th, 2003

Elena Patterson-Related to Mural Projects & Community Building, May 28, 2003

Local-Mayor / VAL Arts Projects in East Brunswick Township

Maria's Children International, Covered on Channel 8 and in the Home News Tribune was exhibited during June & July, 2003 at both the East Brunswick Municipal building and the East Brunswick Public Library

Nikolai Buglaj Show-UMDNJ-RWJMS, Sept-Nov., 2003

Latin American Show-UMDNJ-RWJMS, Nov. 3rd-Jan. 10th, 2004

Latin American Show-East Brunswick Municipal Building January 12th-Jan. 30th, 2004

MOCA-Lincoln Center, CORK Gallery, NYC, January 2-12th, 2004

"Thief Crawls off With Tortoise Art"  Home News Tribune Saturday May 8, 2004

"Writing on the wall for threatened mural"   Home News Tribune  Saturday, May 8, 2004

The Home News Tribune, Aug. 7th, 2005 TRAINS Paul Robeson School Students

Star Ledger, Sun. Aug. 21, 2005 Paul Robeson Students at The Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, NY 


Cover - TIME OUT NEW YORK, & Article Pg. 10,  Oct. 13-19 issue, 2005

Robert Wood Johnson Medicine-Publication for Alumni / Friends Summer/Fall 2005



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