Jill Ferguson and Judith Wray began the website.
Thank you Jill, for your brains and laughter. We have created a good thing!

A drone's eye view of artwork on the walls of Tepoztlán

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futbol en Mexico

swimming in Mexico

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Rt. 18 S, & Arthur St. East Brunswick, NJ

More Disappearing Art in EB ? The art work on the walls of American Harvest Specialty Foods was restored ....only to discover a bank was coming! (Across the street from another bank! )

What has disappeared? The Ocean Show on Dutch Rd.

The Tortoise   Thief makes off in the night with Tortoise    now...the UMDNJ clean out! 

... moving art, just to stay ahead. Art that rolls with the punches and keeps on going!

To MEXICO!!! ay yi yi yi

The Road Show!    The 18 Lumber Truck     A blog for the truck


Art rolled up to the local pond - 2007

2008 VAC Show ART around the pond



...think globally and work locally,
using the creative energies from around the country
and the world to light a fire at home fueled from everywhere.

Thoreau said "
It is something to be able to paint a particular picture
or to carve a statue
and so to make a few things beautiful

But it is far more glorious to carve and paint the atmosphere and
medium through which we look.
Which morally we can do

To affect the quality of the day
that is the highest of arts."

ball guyChange Arts Face   The Changing Face of Art

MARK JENKINS - Materializing the Transparent


 Icon's Story  

Play like you mean it! 

Flying Beetle goes home! Harts Lane, East Brunswick, NJ. Many years ago (in a kingdom by the sea ) an old Hungarian gave a gift of half a beetle to a group of artists. They took the beetle gratefully and it multiplied and flew many places. Now it has returned home with a story to tell.


Artists (A-Z)

Paul's Blog a painting a day !

     International Dale's Blog page

Dale Devereux Copeland


Pilgrimage to Helen's place!

Slide Show Up!     A blog for the blue ball pipe

What's Art II  What's Art?


     Duncan @ sea

Eighteen Lumber  Pipe Dreams Show

Sentinel, Oct.28th,'05

The Camp Daisy Pipe &  EBHS Running NOSE Pipe and  more!

Online en mejico!

pipes2lowresolu72.jpg (131171 bytes)


 SAA - The Show Installed!

The Hole Pipe in a Bag

The Rubber Hand Pipe

VOX The Pipe Project begins.

Home News Tribune - Pipe Dreams

Artists (A-Z)


 The Show Installed SAA

NEWS 12- PIPE DREAMS 8/1/05 - 8/7/05


News from VIP Canterbury- The Art of Being Henry


What's Art?

The Ball Pipe is answering all the way from New Zealand

      Henry Sunderland

Judy Wray& Laszlo Krisch

image design by Ansgard Thomson

Our Mission


bobsgreatgrapehouse.jpg (46894 bytes)
ART on the Walls

Art that rolls

TWSHP.2.jpg (21529 bytes) East Brunswick Municipal Building

Past shows that made news

East Brunswick - Art History

(Not the history of bored rooms)



 Creating the Art Yard



The Moving Art Pages!

Project Elephant

Project Elephant Info

the original lost elephant pages  & the elephant story

We can get art rolling! Make the trains from 2 schools move! We can do something really cool together without seeing each other and for no other purpose than that we can.


VAL - leaping boundaries, expanding possibilities
The Fish Brick - The Alchemy of Art

The RED BRICK Gets an  

  EXTREME Makeover 

"Twisted Brick" tossed from New Delhi, India

Pano-The Moving Ocean Mural

 (Melding Pixels & Concrete)

rebeccabrickpollack.jpg (25059 bytes) old fish  Robert N. Wilentz School

      fast fish!

off the wall, in movement, experimenting

with animation programs.



250 Fish bricks, dusty bricks! are now quick fish getting faster. About three weeks ago we discovered an animation program through coffeecup.com, playing and experimenting.

For years we have photographed whatever we did  with schools and random others. We would like to do our part to initiate Internet shows which are about experimenting with programs and the variations achieved.

 We began with fish because we have them. We also have trains, hubcaps and rubber hands. The elements created together are our building blocks. Variations on a theme! A foot in the door to a little magic made personal!

           Judy Wray    "Hand" by Huma Rama




Browse the Web Sites of Artists - Invite an Artist


The Book of Hope & The World Healing Book

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Past Beginnings of Things





Their Art

Broadway House For Continuing Care


Marlboro State Hospital

New Hope


The Flying Beetle!
The Story of the Hub With Magnetic Connections

Click here to see the HUB CAP sign


Click Hubs to Scroll Through!

Traveling Magnetic Show



American Harvest bottle murals American Harvest Fruits & Veggies Mural 

American Harvest Specialty Foods


Fash N Fit RX Shoes

Fash-n-fit RX Shoes

Eighteen Lumber


Mid State Pool Liners, Bob Rakita

East Brunswick Flag

correctshadowfork.jpg (72400 bytes)

American Harvest Specialty Foods

cake2.jpg (25884 bytes)MAGNIFICOS

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